Audemars Piguet



A Volume of Light

Brief: After working with photographer Dan Holdsworth, Audemars Piguet developed a relatonship based upon a shared principle of craftsmanship and mastery. The brand approached us to make a film that showcased Dan's approach to photography and the magic of the Valley de Joux - the birthplace of Audemars Piguet.

Our Response: To be able to properly tell Dan's story it was key that we were first able to fully understood his approach to photgraphy, what he saw as special, and made him love photographing in the Valley de Joux. After a series of in depth discussions with Dan, we had a developed treatment and we flew with him to the Valley ("little Siberia"). We spent time documenting his process as he photographed in the area over a number of days. It was important that the results of this trip were realised in the film, and so on returning to the UK we worked with Dan to developed the stills and integrate them into the piece, portraying the magic of Audemars Piguet's home.

Outcome: The film is testament to Audemars Piguet's belief in working with individuals who share their values and is another embodiment of the brand proposition, 'to break the rules, you must first master them'. It helped the brand reach new audiences in key areas of photography and art and is part of an ongoing drive to raise awareness through online film.