Brief: We were challenged to help Skype solve a real business problem, and develop a format that would allow the brand to effectively communicate key product features to a global, multi-lingual audience.

Our Response: We created a ‘how to’ series that explained product features in a concise and simple manner. It was crucial that these films represented the product accurately in each market and so we used our proprietary Dynamic Editing software to automatically localise the films into 14 languages, creating fully local content in a cost effective and time efficient manner not previously possible.

Over 1000 films, at the touch of a button

Outcome: In an ongoing campaign, we have created over 1000 films to date, educating and informing through rich media on an unprecidented scale. The series has been adopted across the business as core customer support tool, with assets utilised across all brand channels (email, social, website) to communicate key product features.